Ethio-China relation speeding up in all spheres

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Addis Ababa, February 7, 2013 (WIC) – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to China, Seyoum Mesfin commended the existing Ethio-China relation.

In an exclusive interview with WIC, Ambassador Seyoum said the all-round cooperation between the two countries is getting momentum since both countries are registering faster economic growth.

According to Ambassador Seyoum, Ethiopia had benefited a lot from the collaboration between the two countries. China is significantly assisting Ethiopia’s efforts to reduce poverty.

"The agricultural technical cooperation centers and the manufacturing technical centers established with the support of China are hugely transforming our human capacity building," he said.

He  also praised Chinese assistance in harnessing Ethiopia's water resources, mentioning that Ethiopia has taken great strides in using its water resources over the last decade and citing its effort in building one of the biggest dams in the world- the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam -mobilizing its citizens at home and abroad.

China is engaged in manufacturing, agro processing, industry, infrastructural developments and railway construction and professional training, thus creating several jobs in addition to promoting technology transfer and building human capacity which are core interests of Ethiopia to realize its development policies, he further said.

Regarding trade, Ethio-China trade volume exceeds 2 billion US dollars. Chinese direct investment has also reached 576 million US dollars. “The overall China-Ethiopia economic cooperation value has stretched about 10 billion US dollars,” he said.

Ambassador Seyoum indicated that China is also assisting Ethiopia’s efforts to make Africa’s voice heard internationally and tackle the issue of climate change.

Ambassador Seyoum also hailed China’s role in transforming Africa’s economic growth by increasingly engaging in human resource development.

China is playing transformative part in manufacturing, infrastructure, agro processing, and in harnessing natural resource sectors which Africa badly needs to boom its economic development to reduce poverty, he said.

Africa, he said, had learnt from China's development experience, noting that many developing nations including Ethiopia had been inspired by China's experiences and the way by which it had pulled 400 million people out of poverty in such a short period.

“China is a reliable partner in political and economic cooperation to Africa,” he said.