More concreted, integrated efforts in civil service reforms: Ministry

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Addis Ababa, February 5, 2013 (WIC) - The Civil Service Ministry emphasized the pressing need for more concreted and integrated efforts in effectively and efficiently implementing civil services programs at all levels to meet national development objectives.

Speaking at three-day consultation forum organized for State and City Administrations' Civil Service Bureaus, Civil Service Minister Muktar Kedir urged for more leadership commitment and ensuring accountability and transparency in government operations and working procedures and systems at all levels.

“Commendable activities have been launched in building the capacity of the civil service to implement government policies and strategies effectively and efficiently both at Federal and State levels. Encouraging results are also being registered in maximizing the participation of the public in the national reform agenda, and combating corruption and rent-seeking attitudes. But it still requires to aggressively work on addressing the three critical bottlenecks---attitude, skill and supply identified in civil service to sustainably and uniformly realize the reform,” he added.

According to Muktar, who is also Head of Good Governance and Reform Cluster Coordination with the Rank of Deputy Prime Minister, despite the workable policies and strategies and established government structures in place, citizens complain about absence of fair, equitable and public demand-centered service delivery. The public is yet to get prompt service, Muktar said.

In his welcoming remark, Addis Ababa City Administration Mayor Kuma Demeksa reaffirmed that the City Administration's comprehensive and aggressive efforts to bring about radical change in the civil service reform is sustainable.

The implementation of civil service reform is of paramount importance to respond to the public demand on good governance and prompt service delivery. Accordingly, the City Administration is actively working for the realization of the program as a result of which civil services coordinated in line with the public interests are in place, he added.

Presenting Ministry last six-month performance report , State Minister Adamu Ayana said that encouraging activities have been carried out in designing, distributing and evaluating implementing strategies of the civil service reforms based on achievements and challenges encountered. Civil service reform activities to date are reviewed, and best practices identified and replicated putting in place directions to consistently and uniformly realize on the ground.(EPA)