Ethiopia's effort to peace is commendable!

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Ethiopia has been working towards ensuring lasting peace and stability in the region. The role the country has been playing to bring an enduring peace in Sudan and Somalia is a real indication.

The country's tremendous efforts to realize lasting peace and security is not only  restricted to these two countries but  extended to the entire Africa in general and countries in the Horn in particular.

Although the effort the country has exerted to help the Somali people is at the forefront, all its efforts towards ensuring lasting peace in Africa is recommendable.

The Ethiopian government has been paying such sacrifice in order to bring lasting peace and stability not only to mitigate tensions and bloodshed among the people as well as let these culturally, politically and economically intertwined people live peacefully together but also to maintain peace in the region so as to realize the country's vision of becoming one of the middle income countries.

Having recognized the difficulty of realizing sustainable development without peace, the country intended to pave ways for the continuity of its fruitful efforts towards mitigating poverty and ensuring sustainable economic development.  That is why Ethiopia has been doing its best level so as to ensure lasting peace in the continent.

Therefore, the country’s commitment to regional  peace is so commendable and has to be backed by the international community in general and Africans in particular.