Ethiopia: a religious harmonic model!

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Many religious fathers calling for unity against movements under the pretext of  religion. They underlined that anti development activities undertaking in the name of religion must end.  All Ethiopians need to come together to fight poverty instead of creating a room for terrorists in the name of their religions.

Indeed, the existed religious tolerance must be kept and strengthened.  It is time for all the Muslim Community to investigate what a few terrorist individuals have been doing and condemn them seriously. Besides, they have to strengthen their smooth and brotherly relations with other religion followers in the country.

The peaceful religious coexistence in Ethiopia is beyond all telling; a unique feature.  All religions in Ethiopia have been living together with unity and tolerance.   That religious tolerance and mutual understanding among the Ethiopian people has existed since time immemorial.

However, there are some recent occurrences with some hidden agendas under the pretext of religion. It should be comprehended that the recent ill-activity in connection with the Islam religion has no real relevance with the religion.  The activity has a very different agenda being galvanized by religion.

Ethiopia should continue as a religious harmonic model country. The people and government of Ethiopia must take the necessary measures to make hay the efforts exerted to disintegrate the unity of the believers. It is also of paramount importance for the Muslim Community to identify those ill-activities taking place under the cover of their religion and fight those individuals who have been running that agenda.  The already existed religious tolerance in Ethiopia should be maintained by the consolidated efforts of the believers, the government and the people of Ethiopia.