Unfounded stories never jeopardize Ethiopia's development!

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As usual, Human Rights watch, HRW, has come out with fabricated reports on Ethiopia’s mega development projects and resettlement programs.

HRW has been releasing various groundless reports against Ethiopia and Ethiopians for the past ten consecutive years, aiming not only to blackmail the image of the country but also to influence donors’ development and humanitarian aid.

The reality on the ground, however, shows quite different from what is already HRW stated in its various reports. It is evident that no forced relocation is undertaking in the areas where mega projects have been undertaking. Besides, all the necessary infrastructures and public service institutions in villages where resettlement has already taken places are under construction in a comprehensive way.

HRW, through its fabricated stories, continued distorting the image of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.  Nevertheless, this persistent attack could, by no means, jeopardize the efforts made by the government and people of Ethiopia to ensure sustainable development.

We, Ethiopians, have already ample information about the anti Ethiopian move of the so called HRW under the pretext of Human Rights.

No matter what attempted have made to jeopardize Ethiopia’s development efforts, the country will never restrain from its basic agenda of alleviating poverty and ensuring sustainable development so as to meet its vision of becoming a middle income country within the coming few years. “As HRW never cease its efforts of distorting Ethiopia’s image, Ethiopians will never cease striving for sustainable development and poverty reduction.”