Environmental conservation to kick off on 6 million hectares of land

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Addis Ababa, December 25, 2012 (WIC) - The Ministry of Agriculture says it is undertaking trainings and providing materials necessary for the environmental conservation works which would kick off next week.

According to the Ministry, near six million hectares of land would be covered with soil and water conservation works this year.

Massive soil and water conservation works have been carried out on millions of hectares of land in Ethiopia in recent years and billions of tree seedlings were planted.

The environmental conservation works undertaken are yielding fruits in rejuvenating the environment which in turn has positive effect on agricultural productivity, said Deputy Director of Natural Resource Development, Protection and Conservation, Tefera Tadesse.

The soil and water conservation works would be reinforced in Tigray, Amara, Oromia and South Ethiopian Peoples’ States on six million hectares of land, he stated. The current trainings are aimed at enhancing awareness of farmers and development agents on the significance of the environmental conservation.

Tefera said the need to nurture tree seedlings planted previously would also be emphasized as it was seen as shortcoming to be addressed.

He said seven million hectares of land that need rejuvenation would be made free from intrusion by people and animals in the four regional states this season.

According to ERTA, the actual soil and water conservation work would begin in the next month.