NEBE urges political parties to empower women for greater participation, decision making

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Addis Ababa, December 24, 2012 (WIC) -  The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) urges leaders and members of political parties to empower women with a view to enhancing their participation and role in decision making.

Speaking at a consultative forum organized for female political parties members in Adama town NEBE Chairperson Professor, Mergia Bekana said Ethiopia is exemplary for African countries in women’s participation in voting and being candidate in the previous elections.

The Chairperson said the Board has been providing capacity building training for women political party members to ensure their participation and benefits in the political affairs.

He said the Board is supporting women party members to equip well with election laws and election-related activities to enable them contribute their share in the democratization process. Professor Mergia said the number of women MPs in1987 EC election was only 13 and has reached more than 150 in 2002 EC.

He said the participation of women in previous elections has grown by 27.8 percent over the past two decades. Presenting study at the forum from the Addis Ababa University Gender Studies Researcher Dr. Enguday Adam said the participation and competence of women has been improved in government offices and councils at various levels.

The researcher called upon women party members to play their leading role in enhancing democratic election in the country.

According to ENA, women members and leaders of political parties are taking part in the three-day consultative forum.