Agency endeavoring to enhance benefits of cooperative unions

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Addis Ababa, December 21 (WIC) – The Federal Cooperative Agency (FCA) said it has been exerting utmost efforts to improve the management and enhance benefits of cooperative unions.

In order to enable the unions improve their management, capacity building training was given to 10, 600 heads of union during the past five months, FCA Directorate Director, Zemenay Menelik, told WIC.

Moreover, training on accounting, marketing and warehouse management was also given to 159, 301 members of the unions, he added.

Owing to the various supports provided by the agency, the unions have exported 570 tons of sesame during the past five months, thereby improving benefits of their members, he said.

According to Zemenay, there are more than 43, 000 cooperative unions that have 6.7 million members across the country. There is a plan to raise the number of the unions to 54,000 under the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).