EPRDF Executive Committee concludes meeting endorsing various decisions

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Addis Ababa,  December 23/2012 (WIC) – The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has concluded its regular meeting on today having discussed  and passed decisions on various issues.

In a statement the Council of EPRDF sent to WIC, the Executive Committee started its two days meeting considering the strengths and weakness it evaluated in the 2004 Ethiopian fiscal year as a spring board to evaluate the performance of the first half of the 2005 budget year.

According to the statement, the committee lauded the efforts exerted so far in capacitating  the organization and government and the public towards implementing development plans.

The Executive Committee urged the expansion of best practices in enhancing participation of the public in ensuring good governance, efficient and quality service delivery in government offices, the statement indicated.

The statement also pin pointed that the Executive Committee has also confirmed   the country’s fast economic growth is moving forward.

Inflation has decreased to 15.6 percent in November from more than 39 percent earlier, the statement indicated, adding that efforts exerted to reduce inflation should be strengthened to take down it to a single digit.

There is need to exerted utmost efforts to increase production supply in addition to working hard to mount the income of the public.

The Committee has agreed to scale up sowing ‘Teff’ in lines, which has already practiced and showed results in Tigray and Amhara Regional States to other regions  of the country.

The Executive Committee also evaluated that the fast development and steady peace in the country has been attracting investment, tourism revenue, loan and development aids.

The foreign earring generated from foreign trade is contributing to the ongoing fast economic growth and it further be boosted, the statement indicated, adding  the Executive Committee  urged for extensive mobilization of local saving to back up ongoing huge development projects launched in the Growth and Transformation Plan.

The Committee has thoroughly deliberated on how to boost the foreign earnings by increasing both variety and quantity of exports, it indicated.

According to the statement, the recently held discussion between the Premier  and the Business Community would further be strengthened as it could  address the bottlenecks in the sector.

The Committee called on the Addis Ababa City Administration to carry out the reforms of addressing complaints with active participation of the public, it noted adding that relevant federal offices and stakeholders have to coordinate in mobilizing the residents and executives at all levels to create considerable job opportunities.

The Executive Committee has also decided to strengthen what has already begun to make the upcoming election peaceful, fair and democratic.

It also urged intensified efforts to carry out activities to work closely with all political parties who are peacefully engaging having signed the parties’ election code of conduct.

The ill perception of political parties towards the upcoming  election and the overall democratization process in the country having fabricated complaints not to take part in the election  is the manifestation of their internal weakness.

The Executive Committee has concluded its two days meeting having discussed and endorsed various decisions.