Clients urge Ethio telecom to improve quality of services

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Addis Ababa, December 13 (WIC) – Clients of Ethio telecom have called on the service provider to improve quality of its services.

The call was made at consultative forum the service provider held with its customers on Wednesday.
Ethio telecom Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bruno Duthoit, said his management is striving to curb the problems to deliver reliable services to the best satisfaction of clients.

According to the CEO, Ethio telecom has launched a program called ‘Together towards quality’ under which 26 projects have been designed.

The projects will accelerate the action that it would take to improve its service delivery. The telecom is also introducing new technologies and developing enterprise specific products and services such as business mobile services.
Chief Technical Officer of Ethio telecom, Francois Jumel, said preparations have been finalized to commence the ‘Telecom Expansion Program’.

He is confident that the existing problems would be addressed with infrastructural and network expansion. (ERTA)