TVET building capacity of SMEs

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Addis Ababa, December 12 (WIC) –The Ministry of Education (MoE) said the training being given in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is building capacity of small scale and micro enterprises (SMEs).

Education State Minister, Wondwosen Kiflu, told WIC the ministry is providing training which focused on industrial and technology transfer for TVET trainees.

The training is helping to equip the apprentices with the necessary skills in their future engagement in SMEs, he said.

Wondwosen added the ministry also provides quality assurance certification training for both newly graduated trainees and those who are already in the business.

According to Wondwosen, the ministry is also working to integrate TVET institution with regional bureaus and pertinent ministerial offices this budget year.

He added the ministry is implementing Kaisen system in the TVET programs, thus adding a potential to the ministry’s lust for building developmental army.