House speaker says embracing diversity is vital to accelerate Ethiopia’s growth

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Addis Ababa, December 7 (WIC) – Embracing the diverse nations, nationalities and peoples’ of Ethiopia within the FDRE Constitution proved vital to ensure the country’s accelerated economic growth, House of Federation (HoF) speaker said.

Speaker Kassa Teklebirhan said this yesterday at a symposium held in Bahir Dar on the sidelines of the celebration of the Seventh Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ (NNP) Day. The symposium was held on the impact of the constitution on the economic and social development of Ethiopia.

Kassa said the FDRE Constitution established the “New Ethiopia” by embracing its diversity and guaranteeing equality of all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. He underscored the importance of creating one political and economic community for sustained economic and democratic development of the nation.

By abolishing ethnic oppression and system of favoritism of previous regimes, we have managed to establish a nation strongly united on the basis of mutual respect and trust, Kassa said.

The federal system established by the FDRE Constitution also enabled the people to enjoy sustained peace which also favored the nation to register yearly double digit economic growth, the speaker said.

Kassa also said efforts of building a democratic system are gaining momentum nationwide.

The speaker hailed the importance of the symposium in raising awareness particularly among the youth on the values of the constitution.