Resident’ participation vital to the development of Addis: Deputy PM

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Addis Ababa, November 24 (WIC) ¬ Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Demeke Mekonnen said that residents’ comprehensive participation is vital  to the development of Addis Ababa.

Speaking on the closing ceremony of the 125th founding anniversary of Addis Ababa, DPM Demeke Mekonnen underscored that wide-range participation of resident in the development of the city is vital.

Recognizing the great contribution of the democratic and developmental system in the country for the development of the city, DPM Demeke emphasized that development activities should continue having incorporated the full partaking of the people.

Recalling the significant contribution of late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to the development of Addis Ababa, DPM Demeke said that the Federal Government will give due attention to the city’s further development.

Mayor Kuma Demeksa on his behalf stated that the development of the city had been showing changes slowly in past regimes; pin pointing that the sluggish changes and unstructured master plans of the city in previous regimes had hindered its development.

According to the Mayor, remarkable changes have been witnessed in Addis Ababa particularly after the 2003 reform.

He also said efforts are underway to mitigate housing and unemployment problems in the city noting the massive job opportunities being created due to the booming construction.
The ceremony was marked today at the fully packed Addis Ababa Stadium in the presence of government officials, diplomats and city dwellers.