Some 2,730 households to benefit from villagization program

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Gambella, November 19 (WIC) – Administrator of Majang Zone, Gambella State, said some 2,730 households will be villagized in 12 centers this budget year.

Zone Administrator, Tito Hawariat, told WIC the villagization program would help the households to get access to improved social services and infrastructure facilities.

Preparations have already been made to begin the program in Mengeshi Woreda, in Majang Zone, the administrator indicated.

Residential units for 1,270 households have so far been built, he said. The construction of health posts, schools, potable water and roads is also underway in each resettlement site.

Some 5 million birr was also allocated for the construction of 1,457 residential units and other infrastructure facilities, he noted.

According to Tito, the over 3,000 households resettled previously in five kebeles of Godre Woreda have become beneficiaries of safe drinking water, health, education and flourmill facilities.

Tito further said that the regional government has been giving series of support for the resettlers so that they could improve their livelihood by engaging in agricultural activities.