Int’l conference on legal, justice system underway in Addis

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Addis Ababa, November 16, 2012 (WIC) - Ensuring equitable and transparent legal and justice system is said to be vital in speeding up development in the country.

The statement came on Thursday at a three day international conference focused on the contribution of legal and justice system to development.

Fana Hagos, from Mekelle University was one of the participants who presented research paper to the conference.

Her paper highlights that a country’s legal agenda should focus on ensuring sustainable development of that country.

She also underlined that justice bodies should reach consensus on the implementation of the country’s laws.

Dr. Kostentinos Berhe, a lecturer from population administration department of Addis Ababa University. He was also one of the research presenters.

He says the number of law professionals should grow to serve justice to the public thereby speeding up national development endeavors.

His paper also recommends synchronizing the traditional justice system with the country’s laws to boost justice accessibility.

Legal and Justice System research institute Director, Dr. Menberetsehay Tadesse said his institute is conducting researches and studies to investigate problems and come up with solutions for good governance.

The researches would contribute to speed up implementation of development plans and support justice system in the country.

According to ENA, Vice President of the Federal Supreme Court, Medhin Kiros said the court is doing its level best to provide swift, transparent and accessible service.

The conference also dwelt on the role of lawyers and justice bodies in Ethiopia’s existing realities besides sharing experiences in relation to federalism.

Justice bodies from federal and regional states as well as government and non governmental institutions are attending the three day conference.