Tendaho Sugar Factory will offer socio-economic benefits: State Chief

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Addis Ababa, November 9, 2012 (WIC) - Semera November 08/2012 Afar State Chief Ismael Alisero said Tendaho Sugar Factory will offer social and economical benefits to the local people.

Speaking at the 13th founding anniversary of Afar National Democratic Party, the Chief said the factory would enable the local community to modern animal rearing and created dozens of jobs. He said the factory would also create jobs for dozens of people.

Ismael called on the local people to focus on educating themselves as the factory creates jobs for many. The Chief called on all stakeholders to contribute their share for the effective implementation of villagization program in selected woredas of the state.

According to ENA, the program would enable the pastoralists community to lead settled life and focus to market oriented animal husbandry, he said.