Media practitioners urged to play role in efforts to improve nation’s health care service

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Addis Ababa, November 8 (WIC)–The Ministry of Health (MoH) called on media practitioners to play their role in the efforts to improve health services in the country.  

The call was made at half-day training the Addis Ababa Health Journalists Forum organized to its members with the financial support of Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia.

“Journalists need to play their role in supporting the ongoing efforts to improve the country’s health care service,” Hospital Service Quality Improvement Project Officer of MoH, Dr. Isaias Messele, said.

He said journalists are expected to play a major role in the campaign the ministry set to launch to reduce child and maternal mortality as well as prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Journalists, health professionals and invited guest attended the training focused on gender and development, population and development and health and development.