Shouldn’t UN act against Eritrea?

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Al-Shabab is the terrorist wing of al-Qaeda in the Horn of Africa. Its presence in the region in general and Somalia in particular is due to the unlimited financial, technical, military and logistic support it gets from the State of Eritrea. Besides, Eritrea has been meddling in the internal affairs of countries around it in the past two decades. Its interferences in Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia and other sovereign countries around it haven’t ceased.

It has continued exerting its peace poisoning efforts despite the sanction imposed on it by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Some political analysts say the sanction has brought no results substantiating their argument that Eritrea has been still exerting unreserved efforts for the instability of the region.

Recently, Kenyan Foreign Minister summoned the Eritrean Ambassador in Nairobi and warned Eritrea to stop providing various weapons to Al-Shabab. That tiny country with deteriorating socioeconomic situation has been providing technical and financial supports to the terrorist groups Al-Shabab, ONLF and OLF having aimed to disrupt peace and development in its neighboring countries.

However, the UN Security Council preferred to keep silent although it has read Eritrea’s violation of the sanction imposed on it. Some political analysts criticized UN for its unfair handling of member countries and its delay for taking an action in response to IGAD’s prompt call. It is evident that the United Nations Security Council has done nix till the present, while IGAD persistently inquired it to impose additional sanctions on the State in Asmara.

Shouldn’t UN act against the peace poisoning Eritrea? Of course, if there is need to ensure an enduring peace in the Horn of Africa; UN should take a serious measure on the State in Eritrea so as to restrain it from its terrorist actions. The UN should stop somewhere, think and act against the peace poisoning activities of desperate Issayas and his advocates in collaboration with peace loving countries in the region.