National Flag Day fortifies Ethiopians’ unison

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The speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representative Abadulla Gemeda said in the fifth  National  Flag Day Ethiopians across the country vowed to renovate their efforts to realize the vision of their great leader late PM Meles Zenawi.

The National Flag Day, which was celebrated for the fifth time on the 29th October 2012, has played a significant role in intensifying the participation of the people in the development of the country.

Nations, Nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia renewed their promise to work day in day out, being hand in glove, in order to realize the renaissance of the country.

Ethiopians have strong belief and love to their flag since time immemorial. They know that it is the symbol of their identity, dignity, pride and unity.
Celebrating National Flag Day, therefore, could further help to strengthen the love that Ethiopians have to their flag, their country and to one another.

In the past regimes, nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia had been deprived of their rights to decide their fate; obliged to lead a miserable life style in a dire situation.

However, that situation in the country has completely been altering stage by stage since the past two decades. Democratic and human rights of all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia have already respected. This scenario has brought them together and created the voluntary unison of the people.

Besides, the death of their  visionary leader instigated them to stand together and work hard so as to realize his vision. In the celebration of the fifth National Flag Day, the people have confirmed their readiness to fully engage in realizing the GTP that has a significant role to ensure the renaissance of the country. 

The fifth National Flag Day, therefore, helps to realize the shared vision of the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia that late PM Meles has   designed and started its implementation. That plan has shown good results in the past two years indicating that if completed, it would pull the country   out of the quagmire of poverty.

In the fifth NFD, the people of Ethiopia again vowed to fully implement late PM Meles’ vision to enhance peace, democracy, good governance, ensure justice and making the  country one of the middle income generating countries.