Departing Chinese Ambassador congratulates Ethiopia for dynamic economic growth

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Addis Ababa, November 3 (WIC) – The departing Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Gu Xiaojie, congratulated the government and people of Ethiopia for the dynamic economic growth attained in the country during the past years.

Speaking at a farewell reception organized for him at Hilton Hotel on November 3, 2011, Ambassador Gu said that Ethiopia has registered a vibrant economic growth over the past couple of years.

Ambassador Gu, who served as ambassador of China to Ethiopia for the past three years, said Ethiopia has witnessed big changes, rapid and sustainable economic growth in all sectors.

“I would like to congratulate the government and people of Ethiopia for the achievement they have made over the past couple of years and first year implementation of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP),” he said.

Ethio-China relation has been growing very fast, he said and added his government will remain committed in supporting Ethiopia’s development endeavors.

“China has unwavering commitment and devotion to providing all the necessary support to the people and government of Ethiopia,” he said.

Ambassador Gu further said that he is proud of the achievements both countries, both governments and both people have made in various areas of cooperation.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s recent visit to China and the fruitful discussions he held with members of Chinese Communist Party and the business community shows that both countries have a lot to do in the future. “Ethiopia is an important partner to China,” he said.

Citing the new headquarters of AU currently under construction in the premises of AU in Addis Ababa as a case in point, Ambassador Gu said China will continue supporting and working with the African Union.

The Chinese government donated about 150 million dollars for the new headquarters of AU, which is being built on an area of around 11.3 hectares of land.

Senior Ethiopian government officials, ambassadors, diplomats and invited guests attended the farewell reception.