Meles is in the eighty million people and never die!

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Meles, the leader that worked and died for the people, gave all his life, ate up all his life while working for the better of the people. The biggest success of Meles in line with the country’s regional hegemony of diplomacy and peace process has made the country one of the most influential in regional and international politics.

The pre-1991 Ethiopia was known by its political cannibalism and absolutism. The then nation’s nationalities and peoples of the country were not allowed the right to use and develop their cultures and customs. In those days people were marginalized for being member of a certain social group. It was the time where by people were equal but some were more equal.

The liberationist movement Meles and his compatriot waged for more than 17 years has given an end to the long lasting political exclusion in Ethiopia. Their victory has remarkably shown the transition of the country from authoritarianism to the democratic one.

In addition to respect for the rights and equality of citizens of the country, the country’s political transformation is one of the ultimate works of the premier. Every time political pluralism and electoral politics of the country is raised, Meles and his efforts are equally raised. He has strived to bring about inclusive politics unlike the predecessor regimes of the Derg and the emperor.

Thank to Meles Zenawi, today’s Ethiopia is internationally known for economic advancement than the rampant poverty and human degradation as it once had been. The developmental activity of the country has changed the image to the level where it is now. In this regard, the premier’s effort is what no body denies.  Meles has played key role in designing the country’s developmental policies.  His economic diplomacy has attracted a number of foreign investors increasing the country’s FDI inflow beyond what one imagines.

Currently, Ethiopia is one of the very few investment destinations in the region. Today a number of foreign firms are actively investing in the country.  The success of Meles in the economic diplomacy and tasks related to it has changed the lives of Millions of Ethiopians. The fast investment growth in the country has created a number of jobs for millions of the people.

His legacy has changed the lives of the farmer to the level where they could feed themselves and produce surplus. The Meles legacy is beyond what one imagines for the lives of the pastoralist community as well. The once forgotten pastoralists of the country have now been resettled. They do not serve as living heritage for the European tourists. They, more over, will not be used as a research material for the sociological studies.

Meles is everywhere in the country. The peasant remembers him as a peasant, the soldiers as a soldier, the civil servant, as a civil servant. Meles was everyone, Meles was the people. He has done a lot to change the lives of the people. He gave an end to political cannibalism and sparkled a new light to the country’s politics.

The Meles legacy is not abstract to see. He is seen in the face of the people. He is commemorated in the hearts of the once forgotten nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. Meles is a leader beyond one imagines. He has transformed the political, economic and social realities of the country from what once was seen as rock bottom to the level where it is now. He is everywhere within eighty million people and he never die.