Pastoral community benefiting more from development gains: ESPDP

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Birkot, August 14 (WIC) – Encouraging results have been registered from the efforts carried out during the past two years to ensure the all-round benefits of the pastoral and semi-pastoral community, the Ethiopian Somali People’s Democratic Party (ESPDP) said.

ESPDP Vice Chairman and Chief Administrator of the Somali State, Abdi Mohammad Oumer, made the statement at the 7th ordinary session of the Party held recently in Birkot Wereda, Jerer Zone, where ONLF had been plotting anti-development and terrorist activities.

Abdi said ESPDP managed to register remarkable successes in social, economic and political sectors that are vital to improve the livelihoods of residents of the region.

Significant advances were made especially in the expansion of education, health, potable water, road, electricity and telecommunication facilities, he said.

Primary education and potable water coverage has reached to 80 per cent and 62 percent respectively, he said, adding health extension program is being implemented in all 68 Weredas of the region.

Owing to the expansion of health facilities and implementation of the health extension program, maternal and child mortality rate has been declining, he said.

As a result of the efforts made to ensure the sustainable development of the region, villagization programs were undertaken on the river banks and irrigable areas. As a result, Abdi said, in the last two years alone, 144,000 households were benefited from the programs.

He indicated several returnee Diasporas are actively engaging in various investment sectors due to the durable peace and security existed in all Weredas of the region.

According to Abdi, the session was held in Birkot Woreda to show the prevailing peace in the region. ONLF had been using the area as a base to carry out anti-development and terrorist activities.

Some 677 voters and 404 non-voters had participated in the session held in the presence of representatives from EPRDF, ANDM, TPLF, SEPDM and invited guests from European and USA.