Democracy and good governance on their proper way forward!

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People talk much about lack of good governance in Ethiopia. They said that despite the law to improve good governance in the country, problems related to lack of good governance are seen.

They failed to realize that good governance couldn’t be attained overnight. As the concept and practice of democracy and good governance in Ethiopia is so recent to be perfect, there could be problems here and there. It is also true even in those countries where there is practice over one hundred years. There are still problems in good governance and respect of human rights in such well developed countries.

In contrast to the deep rooted democracy and the problems prevailing there, it is unwise to exaggerate the governance problems in Ethiopia. Of course, there are problems in serving the public properly. These problems emanate from individual performances due to individual failures to bind to regulations.  Neither did the people fight those individuals who commit such problems for previous long time dictatorial scares.

The entire situation in Ethiopia is by far different from what it looked like some 20 years ago. It is different from what it looked like even before three or five years. There is tangible improvement in good governance in the country.

It would be appropriate to take institutions like Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Immigration, and some hospitals. The atmosphere in these institutions has changed improvements in serving the public. This doesn’t mean there are no problems as a whole. One can imagine that problems are inevitable in realizing good governance in a country where there was a purely dictatorial state for a longer period. But it is appropriate to appreciate what is on the ground.

As for democracy is concerned, there are lots of improvements. The private press has prevailed and running their agendas of informing the public. There is a multi party system in the country and now there are more than eighty political parties. So far four national elections were conducted in the country. All these indicate how democracy is prevailing and strengthening in Ethiopia.

The efforts to realize good governance and democracy have shown some results that encourage the people of Ethiopia to move forward for complete achievements in this regard.  The prevailing of good governance and democracy in the country is getting better and better position from time to time. However, the people should fully engage in making them perfect. They need to come together and struggle as this issue can’t be left only for the government. At present, in comparison to democracy and good governance in the so called democratic countries that have begun practicing before over hundred years, the problems seen in Ethiopia are  not something to be exaggerated. Democracy and good governance,  on their  proper way forward.