Do reasons against mega projects in Ethiopia cut ice?

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Ethiopia has been building various mega development projects. Hospitals, universities, roads and hydropower dams are some among others. However, international organizations like Human Rights Watch, UNESCO and IMF have been attempting to jeopardize such developments. It is evident that they used to politicize every development efforts in the country with an intention of making development efforts hay. They have persistently been lobbying funding countries and institutions to restrain themselves from assisting these projects.

Hydroelectric dam construction has become one of the persistent agendas of discussion from the outset. But the bone of contention is whether the reasons raised against these mega hydroelectric power dams make senses? If they probably made some senses, to whom would they make?

Gilgel Gibe III and the Renaissance Dam projects are at the forefront in this regard. Ethiopian officials and experts in the field argue that all reasons raised against the dam construction in Ethiopia by a few international organizations hold no waters as they are unsubstantiated with facts.

One among the unsubstantiated reason given to the aforementioned point is that residents of where the projects take place would be negatively impacted. Underlining the tourist attraction of the people in such remote areas has to be maintained for those developed nations to entertain and enjoy. They also said that mega projects in rural areas could change the areas from being tourist destinations.

Ethiopia analysts said that all these reasons cut no ice. The reasons, by no means, could convince anyone who hasn’t any hidden agenda against Ethiopia’s development. That is why the persistent objections faced challenges from the Ethiopian people. Ethiopian have already come together to strive against anti-development moves.

The festering question is why international organizations like IMF and HRW and UNESCO want to keep Ethiopians in remote areas being tourist destinations? Why do we now and then listen to reports from organization established to help the disfavored   standing against the rights of people to education and better life?

Dr. Tewolde Gebre Egziabher, Director General of Ethiopia Environmental authority told WIC that the reasons given in connection to environmental impacts of the mega projects in Ethiopia are unrealizable. It holds no water. He emphasized that all the necessary environmental assessments were done before the construction has begun.

He argued that no mega projects has constructed in Ethiopia without environmental impact assessment. If there are organizations criticizing the assessment they put their boot in the wrong foot, which clearly implies the reasons given to distract mega development projects in Ethiopia by a few international organizations holds no water. If so it is vivid that there is something behind the curtain which they themselves know. That hidden destructive move gets no acceptance by all Ethiopians. Ethiopians, being hand in glove, have determined to work hard to realize sustainable development putting aside all the failed attempts based on groundless reasons.