Ethiopia: Committed to bring lasting peace in the region!

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Hon. Dr. Moha Dahir Farah, who recently visited Sudanese conflicting areas, said the Ethiopian Peacekeeping Force in Sudan has been playing a significant role in maintaining peace and security in the area.

Evidently, this is one indication of the role that Ethiopia has been playing to bring an enduring peace in the region. However, its tremendous efforts to realize lasting peace and security is not only limited to Sudan. It efforts is extended to the entire Africa in general and countries in the Horn Region in particular.

The efforts exerted to help the Somali people are another crucial contribution. Somalia has become a safe heaven for Al-Qaeda’s East Africa wing Al-Shabab since the past decade, which aggravated the suffering of the Somali people and insecurity in the region.

There are two major reasons why the Ethiopian government has been paying such sacrifice in order to bring lasting peace and stability. The first one is to mitigate tensions and bloodsheds among the people in the area and to let them live peacefully. The other one is to maintain peace in the region and carry out its vision of becoming a middle income country with the shortest time possible.

Recognizant of the impossibility of development without peace, the country intended to pave the ways for the continuity of its fruitful efforts towards mitigating poverty and ensuring sustainable economic development.  That is why the country has been sacrificing a lot for peace and security to thrive in the continent.

In the same token, Ethiopia has been contributing to bring lasting peace in the Abiyei area of the Sudan. The Ethiopian Peacekeeping Force is doing its best level to maintain peace in the area in such away its activities could suffice the interests of both Sudans. This is to help the Sudanese people live peacefully and work against poverty. In all cases of it sacrifices, Ethiopia aimed to alleviate poverty avoiding obstacles in connection to peace.  Ethiopia is committed to bring an enduring peace in the region. It recognizes the interconnection between peace and development. That is why it has been exerting tremendous efforts and sacrificing a lot to ascertain peace in the entire continent.