ENCDC holds a conference on the prevailing of freedom, democracy and justice in Eritrea

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Addis Ababa, October 15, 2011 (WIC) - The Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change said that the expectation is high for the holding of National Congress aiming at the creation of an Eritrean nation where freedom, democracy and justice prevails.

According to the press release it sent to WIC,  the commission, basing itself on the lofty principles of Eritrean experience which have been reflected on every forum, is making great efforts in order to ensure trust among Eritrea’s various components and to strengthen the social and political foundations.

Furthermore, efforts made to ensure that previous mistakes are not repeated in the process of transition are part of the main points of the national congress political documents. 

Taking into consideration that the Commission is functioning in the context of a critical historical moment, it is natural that it faces many challenges that obstruct its basic objectives. However, thanks to the resilience of the people and its members and their strong principles, it was able to surmount these problems and to continue by giving priority to more urgent tasks.

It is to be remembered that the Commission had during its 2nd regular meeting held in March 2011 agreed that the National Congress would be held on the month of October and that based on this the Executive Body of the National Congress fixed the date for Oct. 22/2011.

However, a new situation, something that we never envisioned, emerged in the opposition side. Political developments and technical hitches that affect the basic aims of the National Congress surfaced. Hence, taking the political experiences that the opposition camp is going through into consideration, it was necessary to take political measures in order to safeguard the mission and the core principles of National Congress for democratic change.

The Executive Body, has therefore, after duly evaluating the situation, decided that the date for the holding of the National Congress be changed from 22/10/2011 to 21/11/2011.

The Commission would like to assure all those who have made great efforts to see the National Congress held on the previously agreed date and all those who because of this sudden change of date are facing various flight and other personal inconveniences will get our assistance in dealing with their problems.

Executive Body of the National Commission would like to take this opportunity to plead with all those who strive to see the success of the National Congress, to deal with the new situation in a spirit of calmness, patience, flexibility and resilience. And we call on one and all to continue their unfailing contribution for the success of the lofty principles that we are ceaselessly fighting for.