Walta Information and Public Relations Center S.C.

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Walta Information and Public Relations Center S.C. is a private media outlet and Public Relations Center established in 1994. Its major objective is playing significant roles in minimizing the gap of information flow in the country.  Accordingly, it has been gathering, organizing, analyzing and disseminating credible, accurate and balanced news and news genres. Besides, it has been providing public relations services since its reorganization, some three years back. The institution has also been contributing an immense role in peace building, democratization and sustainable economic development. 

Organizational Structure

  • Board of Directors
  • General Manager
  • Deputy General Managers  Departments

The organization has the following divisions in which it accomplishes its daily tasks

1. Research and Information Department

This department mainly concentrates on the gathering of information from local and international media outlets in different languages. It also conducts public opinion and market research. This department comprises four sections.

  • Media monitoring and analysis
  • Polling and market research
  • Research and documentation
  • Investigative journalism

2. News and programs

The news and program department produces news, articles, news analysis, programs and reports of various contents: political, economic and social. This department also consists of four desks.

  • Amharic News Desk
  • English News desk
  • Arabic News Desk
  • Program Desk

3. Documentary and production

This department mainly produces documentary films on the cultures of various nations/nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. The Ertale Volcanic Eruption, the Dalol Depression, the Sof Omar caves are some of the unique productions transmitted in “Hagerei” program of the Ethiopian Television. It has two sections.

  • Documentary section
  • Production section

4.Marketing  & Public Relations Department

This department mainly conducts consultancy services, symposiums, talk shows, panel discussions, and event organization, translations, PR magazines, and students’ question and answer programs. It has two sections.

  • Market studies and project section
  • Public relations section

5.Website and IT section

The website section distributes various topical issues in different forms: interview, news, articles and analysis. It has also an entertainment column in which it presents short profiles of prominent figures, artists and athletes. Walta Website entertains different announcements and advertisements of private and governmental institutions as well as business organizations in its advertisement column. Millions of people visit Walta Website regularly that renders an advantage for those business organizations that prefer it for their advertisement.   

Services available:-

  • Website
  • Computer Network
  • Audiovisual and reference library
  • Documentary Film Productions, copying and editing
  • Translations
  • Film footages and photographs
  • Guide Books
  • Advertisement through TV, Radio, Newspapers etc.


Website: www.waltainfo.com
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: +251-11-661 12 65
Fax: +251-11-661 25 79
P.O.Box: 12918
Addis Ababa