Addis Ababa light rail transit project reaches implementation

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Addis Ababa, January 24, 2012 (WIC) - Various alternatives have been examined by the government to solve the transportation problem of Addis Ababa. Light city rail transit service is among the alternatives studied and now reached its first phase implementation stage.

Addis Ababa light rail transit project Manager with the Ethiopian Railway Corporation, Yehualashet Jemere has said the project has now reached construction stage after finalizing majority of the preparations needed.

The railway project stretches mainly from Defence Forces Hospital to Ayat Village, with other tracks that will lead from Meskel Square to Kality and another one from Lideta to Menilik Square through Merkato. It covers 134Km.

The Chinese Corporation, CREC, has started construction activities around Ayat Village and Meshualekia.

General Manager of the Ethiopian Railway Corporation, Engineer Getachew Betru for his part said the preparation work for the construction is being undertaken mainly by domestic contractors. He said it would contribute significantly in technology transfer.

The first phase of Addis Ababa light rail transit project is expected to be completed in 30 months. At completion, the rail transport service would commence with 41 rails with the capacity of transporting 286 persons each at a time. This makes it possible to transport 60,000 persons in an hour in four directions and is believed to solve the transportation problem of the city significantly.

According to ERTA, ransport Affairs Standing Committee with the House of People’s Representatives has visited the progress of the project. Chairperson of the Committee, Muferiat Kamil said though the project has been delayed for various reasons, it can achieve its objective with its current pace.