Parliament members express readiness to discharge responsibilities

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Addis Ababa, 07 October,2015(WIC)-Members of the newly convened parliament  5th  parliament have expressed their readiness to undertake their  responsibilities and make  promises they made to those who elected them practical.

Tadelech Kebede, second time elected member of the parliament from Oromiya regional state, has imparted her gratitude for the people who elected her and  also said that members of the previous parliament have  evaluated performance of the last GTP, its drawbacks that need to be improved   in the second GTP.

According to opinion of different senior members of the parliament, Ethiopians have benefited from the sustained peace, development and democratic rights ensured in the nation, and further efforts are needed to fight against rent seeking tendencies to transform the economic development of the country.

Parliament member from SNNP, Zerihun Petros, on his part said that people voted for him with a belief that he could help them to answer their economic questions and solve good governance problems.

Marvelous achievement  were registered under the rule of EPDRF in the sectors of road, education  health, water and other infrastructure facilities, Kebebush  kebede said.  She expressed her readiness to contribute her share to the effort to enable the country reach middle income level.

Many more members of the parliament said that nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia toppled down the Derg regime which is the biggest force in Africa through bitter struggle and they can also fight against  and defeat poverty, rent seeking and good governance malice and sustain economic development of the country.

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