Nation earns 300 thousand USD from Camel Milk export

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Addis Ababa, 22 June 2015 (WIC) – Ethiopia has earned 300 thousand USD from the export of Camel Milk, Meat and Milk Development Institute said.

In a press release he delivered today, Deputy Director of the Institute Tadesse Guta said, being recognizant of its importance, Ethiopia has begun exporting Camel Milk to three Horn African Countries this budget year.

The major export was to Punt-land, Somaliland and Djibouti, he said, adding that European Countries including Great Britain have also demanded Ethiopia to supply Camel Milk.

One camel gives about six litres of milk currently but has that capacity of providing about 18 litres a day if properly, Tadesse said, adding that one litre of milk coasts about 20 USD.

The Deputy Director also said Ethiopia exported the surplus produce of Camel Milk so far and if properly invested on it, it would help to generate foreign income.

Chairman of Milk Processing Industrial Association Belachew Hurisa on his behalf said that there are 32 Milk Processing Factories currently that the government needs to design and endorse a legal framework that enable to provide quality milk products.

Ethiopia has about 54 million Cattle among which 10 million are milk cows and the annual gross milk production is about four billion litres, WIC learnt.