Ethiopian Diaspora set up committee to Coordinate fund for the Renaissance Dam

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Addis Ababa, December 19, 2011 (WIC) – Ethiopian Diaspora in Sweden, Greece and Kenya have set up committee to coordinate fund to the Great Renaissance Dam.

After weeks of preparations, Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian Origin in Sweden has set up a Coordination committee to mobilize resources for the construction of the Great Renaissance Dam.

The 40-member committee comprises representatives of Ethiopians from a variety of civic and development associations, religious groups, professional associations, business communities, academics, youth and women groups.

The committee has named 7 Executive Committee members, a Chairman and General Secretary.

H.E. Berhanu Kerbed, Ambassador of Ethiopia to the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries and W/r Mebrat Beyene head of the Ethiopian consulate in Stockholm gave an extensive briefing on the Ethiopian governments Five Year Growth and transformation plan.

Both the ambassador and the general consul emphasized the enormous power supply needed in the future and urged all Ethiopians and Swedes of Ethiopian organ to be part of this historical event by supporting the renaissance dam which will have a capacity of generating 5270 MG of power.

The fund raising committee was set up at a meeting held on 10th December at the residence of Ethiopian general consul in Stockholm.

In the same token, a fund raising event was successfully held in Athens, Greece on Dec.4, 2011 which was attended by more than 350 participants. It was organized by the Honorary Consulate and the Coordinating Committee from the community in Athens, with the participation from the Ethiopian Embassy in Rome.

The meeting was mainly to explain the objectives and importance of the Hedase Dam and the benefits of the bonds for sale to the community. At the same time, bonds were offered for sale, donations were collected and pledges made.

The result of the event was a total of Euro 20, 980.00 (Twenty thousand nine hundred and eighty Euros) or more than half a million Birr from bond sale, donation and pledges.

The most unique aspect of this event is that donation was 36% of the total amount.

The committee did a wonderful job with the support of the Honorary Consul, Mrs.Terina K. Armenakis, who covered the costs for the meeting hall in a four star hotel and other expenses personally."

The Ethiopian Diaspora in Kenya also raised 4, 375,000 ETB for the Renaissance Dam.