Ministry striving to stop overflow of Lake Beseka

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Addis Ababa, May 14, 2013 (WIC) –Efforts are underway to give temporary solution for the overflow of Lake Beseka at a cost of 30 million birr, the Ministry of Water and Energy (MoWE) said.

Ministry Public Relations and Communication Directorate Director, Bizuneh Tolcha, told WIC that two 18-km water canals are built to slightly withdraw water from the lake to Awash River.

According to Bizuneh, the canals would help to discharge 2 per cent water during winter and 4 percent water during summer time from the lake to Awash River.
The  study conducted by Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise following the increase in water level of the Lake  proved that the lake could threaten residents of the area, according to Bizuneh.

The Ministry also called on scholars to contribute their share in the efforts being made to find lasting solution and use the lake for development activities, he said.
A workshop held last month suggested that 100 MW could be generated by evaporating the water from the lake, he said.