Ethiopians in UK urged to engage in country’s nation building activities

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Addis Ababa, May 13 (WIC) - Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, during an official two-day visit met with members of the Ethiopian Diaspora in the UK on May 12 where he discussed timely and relevant issues regarding the GTP and gains made in the areas of investment, trade and infrastructure development in Ethiopia.

He highlighted how developments in the country are clearly paying dividends to Ethiopians at all levels. He indicated that at the halfway point of the five-year Growth and Transformation Plan, the country was on the right track.

He said that there had been tremendous the goodwill and commitment towards the achievement of these development goals including in the doubling of agricultural production and the ensuring of structural transformation as a launching pad for rapid economic growth.

He underlined that going forward the generation of up to 8,000 MW of hydropower, the construction of a vast network of  road and railway links, expansion of education and health facilities, improvements in good governance and the consolidation of democratic institutions would remain the core-preoccupation of government and the people.(MoFA)