Dr. Tedros holds talks with the Foreign Minister of Finland

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Addis Ababa, April 3 (WIC) – Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Tedros Adhanom held talks on April 2, 2013 with a high level official Finland delegation led by Foreign Minister Erkki Tumioja and Minister for International Development, Heidi Hautala.

The discussions focused largely on regional peace and security matters. Minister Tumioja who was in Mogadishu a day earlier described the changes in Somalia as encouraging.
He said there was a sense of optimism in the air, and thanked Ethiopia for its support in stabilizing Somalia.

Dr. Tedros agreed there was “a new window of opportunity for a positive change in Somalia” and stressed the importance of the international community’s support for the new government in Somalia.

He reaffirmed Ethiopia’s commitment to peace and stability of Somalia. 
Referring to Sudan and South Sudan, the two sides appreciated the recent signing of the security arrangement matrix as a positive move towards resolving all pending post-independence issues.

Dr. Tedros also briefed Minister Tumioja on the continuing belligerent behavior of the Eritrean regime and the way it continued to pose a threat to regional security. 
He also noted the precarious situation inside Eritrea as demonstrated by the visibly growing discontent among the military and the civil administration.