ESPDP marks 15th founding anniversary

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Jijiga, March 8 (WIC) –The 15th founding anniversary of the Ethiopian Somali People's Democratic Party (ESPDP) was marked colorfully in Jijiga town yesterday.

ESPDP Chairperson, Mohammed Reshid Isac, on the occasion said the party in partnership with the residents has registered encouraging results in the socio-economic and political sectors in the past three years.

Pastoralist and semi-pastoralist community of the regional state has now turned their attention towards development as ESPDP managed to ensure durable pace in the region.

He added pastoralist and semi-pastoralist community has been benefiting from the education, health, road and potable water facilities built within their reach. 

Moreover, encouraging results were registered in investment and urban development sector due to the expansion of road, electricity and communication infrastructure under the leadership of ESPDP, he said.

Natives of the regional state residing abroad and other investor from various part of the country are investing in the region seizing the favorable investment environment, he said.    

He further said ESPDP is working for the success of the ongoing voluntary villagaization program.

Mohammed finally urged members and supporters of the party to reaffirm their commitment to ensure the sustainability of the ongoing peace, development and good governance while marking the day.