A win-win approach: the only solution

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Regional economic integration is crucial to peace and stability. People who have entwined economically could more tolerance. They have shared more things in common and develop interests to sustain their relations. The people of Ethiopia who had been suffering of poverty for several years have now on the right truck to get it rid of.

In doing so, they have begun utilizing their natural resources. So many huge projects have on construction as part of the Growth and Transformation Plan. The Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam is one among other huge projects aimed to help in eradicating poverty. The EGRD is believed to facilitate the economic integration among the Nile Basin countries particularly Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan. Countries like Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Kenya and Djibouti will be highly benefited from the huge hydropower investment in Ethiopia.

On one hand, Ethiopia could provide these countries as much power as the demand for their industrial developments. On the other hand, all the countries along the basin could strengthen their ties in trade and investment. That kind of relation lasts long and play greater role in bringing an enduring peace and stability in the region.

In contrast to that fact, Egypt could never come to agreement. The Egyptian negotiators usually come ideas irrelevant to the frame agreement the two countries made when the set the International Panel of Experts. Egyptians have now enough information about the EGRD. Their experts along with other international experts have assessed and proved that the Dam won’t harm them. The amount of water flowing to Sudan and Egypt will never decrease. It rather flow constantly throughout the year. They also proved that the contraction meets its international standard.  Having that reality Egypt should come to the tripartite talks and support the development plan. It is the only option. There is no other way for three of the countries to utilize the Nile waters other than implementing a win-win approach.