Eriteria’s Latest Exploits

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Girma Abebe (3 September 2013)

The recent issue of the local newspaper “Sendeq” put out news which declared “shabiya is strengthening its havoc-driven foreign policy throughout the horn of Africa”. For this the newspaper mentioned the Ato Isaias led government recently financed in hosting and catering an assembly for the self pro-claimed ‘Ogaden National Liberation Front’( ONLF) terrorist group to in Asmara .
Of course it’s inevitable to ask “since this act is part of the Eritrean government’s terror antics, what’s new about this latest performance?” and considering the regime’s innate destruction behavior and Ato Isaias bravado persona, I think the question is legitimate. But, what makes this recent antic different from the others, is that this act of forging an unholy alliance with former Egyptian governments primed terrorist group, ONLF was reported only after a month after Eritrean Ambassador to UN Ar’aya Desta said his country had no relation what so ever with any terror organizations. It also proved to the world that its ailing foreign policy is based on lies and petty needling with neighbors.
On this article by answering questions like; Who is this Shabiya’s lackey the terror organization by the name of ‘ONLF’?, Why do these Asmara gangs spread their money to terrorist activities instead of supporting its impoverished people?, Why do Shabiya lie like a kid to the international community shortly after it claimed that it doesn’t have anything to do with terrorism?;  I will try  to get my point across and shade a light on the committed relationship the Eritrean government has with terrorism both for the readers and to the international community.
The Terrorist ‘ONLF’ in a glimpse
As its known the Asmara’s honcho has made, recruiting anti- peace and anti –public forces and arming passing by Ethiopian refugees, part of his government major policy & vision in line with his wish to see a destabilized and dismembered Ethiopia.
For this mischievous antics by employing the ‘chain-of-financiers' approach, shabiya has and still is using & exploiting diverse local and foreign forces who are black-listed as terrorist by the FDRE government; paying them hefty sums of cash through the money it gets from its benefactors.
Thus, it can be said that there isn’t a stone left unmoved for them to launch organizations like ‘OLF’, ‘ONLF’, Ginbot 7’, ‘Al shabaab’ and ‘Al qaeda’ to terrorize our country.
Out of all these terrorist groups the recent benefactor of the Asmara’s carnival for terror fundraising is the self –proclaimed ONLF group, which is maligned by the Ogaden people for its anti–people behavior and neutralized into oblivion by our military forces. According to some sources this terror group is formed by former Egyptian administrations in the hopes of undermining Ethiopia’s peace and aspiration to build any kind of dam in the Nile River.
After its inception with the backing of the Eritrean government the group has carried out many attacks that targeted Ethiopia and its interests. This terror force after walking out of the transitional government has been targeting civilians, government (developmental) institutions and the resources of charity organizations’, with the support and supervision of Shabiya and Al –Shabaab. According to some information circulated, the group is responsible for the death of more than 132 civilians and 54 injuries from its exploits that span from 1988 through 2003.
This terrorist “Liberation front” has been ordering different attacks at varied times by training and arming its terror soldiers from Eritrea- thereby executing it’s lackeying for a lackey.  In other word the group is a petite faction under Shabiya’s payroll, paid to serve as Isaias personal courier of terrorism.
However both the “Liberation front” and its sponsor Shabiya have been unsuccessful in their terror exploits at Ogaden. The terror group’s current status of oblivion, which came about a result of its marginalization from Somali region especially from Ogaden (the people it’s supposed to liberate) and the consecutive military blow it sustained from the Ethiopian military forces, can attest to the failure of the terror enterprising.
after realizing the group’s mischievous motives (plots) the returning of the vast majority of its member to their peaceful lives by agreeing to accept the constitution and constitutional regime, have fueled on its already thinning and toothless (worthless) status. In addition to this most of the members are rocking the organization’s core by demanding the leaders of the organization to engage in direct talks with the Ethiopian government and to accept the constitution.
Thus, the group’s current state can be depicted as a dying man in a hospital. However, since the Isaias regime thinks lackeys like the ‘ONLF’ are important part of its vision to wreck havoc in our country, they are working day and night to save the group’s life by pumping money into its coffers. But, most political analyst agrees that shabiya won’t be able to curb the group’s decision to accept the constitution and to stop its terror ways. All in all it’s my belief that this last ditch effort of Shabiya won’t be anything more than a barren-hope not to be realized ever- total wastage of money it collected from the mouths of its impoverished people and to political bet.
Investing in Terrorism at the expense of its own Impoverished People?
The Eritrean economy has been in the doldrums (worsening in fact) for years. As a result its people have to wait in large lines to buy goods from Shabiya’s run shops. Since the Isaias rag tag has charted the economy into a closed market and monopolistic system, going to the market freely in this small state is unthinkable. Ato Hagos G/Hiwot, who’s called ‘kisha’ by most, has been using the country’s economy single handedly to rob the peoples’ pocket and fill the coffers of the terrorists.
The former Eritrean Ambassador in United States Ato Hagos a.k.a kisha got his nickname as a result of his close association with anything money related in the country. This man, who is also known as Ato Isaias Afwerki’s ‘money vault’, works as the CEO of the ‘Red Sea Trade Corporation’ which basically monopolizes the country’s economy.
The company is virtually involved in every business transaction that takes place in the country. It ranges from the country’s export import to banking, agricultural & mining business etc…. By providing daily consumption goods to the people through its managed wholesale shops; it embezzles its own People. The money it appropriates from the people, Ato Isaias then disperse it to the Asmara based regional terrorists and anti peace forces to cover their operational costs. In contrast, since ‘it’s better to live than die’ the people have no other choice but to stand in long lines of wholesale shops to feed itself. There are even times where the people go back to their homes with empty hands, as part of the vicious circle of poverty.
Our Eritrean brothers are subjected to these horrid pains due to the Asmara’s dictatorial regime incoherent economic policies. According to a report put out by ‘International Crisis Group’ a year ago, Eritrea is in a deep (heap) of economical and political mess, and if continues like this the country will be at a perilous situation. The report also claims that all the developmental works (project) in progress are under the tight claws of the government and this has led the country’s economy in to a downward spiral. It also reveals that although the situation seemed under control and stable for the last 11 years, it has to do more with the cover up of the Isaias regime. The forced national military service on the people which was started for the sake of nation building and development is one of the reasons for the countries rapid collapse according to this same report. Again the political analyst of this organization ( International Crisis Group) Mr. Mark Schneider have claimed that the seeming stable and firm regime of Ato Isaias Afwerki is now showing signs of crack as a result of the monumental political and economical failures the regime sustained.
Ato Isaias by shrugging off these social fractures, he’s continuously involved in recruiting, training, organizing and arming potential terrorists, while ruining his people– all with no avail. Any way let me take you back you on some of his terror act…..
The failed attempt at the 16th African Union: Leaders summit was orchestrated by the terrorist– till–I-die Eritrean government. At the time the Shabiya sent OLF terrorist who infiltrated into the country from Djibouti, were quickly put under arrest with possessions of 4 cluster bombs, by the concerted effort of the security forces and the watchful eye of the public. The alleged OLF conspirators and their associates had in mind to disrupt the leader’s summit by blasting the bombs the day before the assembly– though their wishes were made to evaporate in to thin air by security forces close inspection. After their first plan was failed, they were caught red-handed in Addis Ababa attempting to carry out their secondary plan, which was targeted to be executed at the end of the summit.
The bombs about to be detonated by the terrorist had similarities to the ones used at Uganda during the last world cup, suggesting its link to the Shabiya’s East African Terror network. As you all may know, the Uganda bomb attack which claimed more than 76 civilian lives, was taken responsibility by the shabiya backed Somali extremist group by the name of Al –Shabaab. The international community discovering the Asmara’s honcho role in providing the logistical and Equipment support to this terrorist group led it to impose two sanctions on his government. But the point of the matter is that, this failed terror plan cooked-up by the Asmara’s cowboy hasn’t been able to be more than ‘a punch above its weight’.
It’s helpful here to ask, how is Shabiya financing these various terror groups considering it preside over a country with a collapsing economy and people living under harsh economical realities? This can be answered in to two ways. The first is as mentioned earlier on the article the money comes by embezzling money from the Eritrean people through Bisha gold mining company and the 2% remittance collected from the diasporas. The second have to do with the Asmara regime’s adhered ‘war economy’ philosophy. This heinous economic philosophy was confirmed through the secret cables sent; later exposed by wiki leaks, by the Eritrean Ambassador to the United States to his country’s foreign affairs office.
This philosophy entails for shabiya to create and aggravate war and find different avenues to beef up its wallet from it. For instance the Isaias led-government’s role in giving training, logistical and gear support to the terrorist group ‘ONLF’, can be traced back as part it’s ‘war economy’ philosophy. How it works is, shabiya takes money from foreign forces who are interested in destabilizing Ethiopia and also willing to finance Shabiya’s terror works; Shabiya in turn use this money to finance the training, equipment and logistical support it gives to the terrorist groups. The Asmara Vandals strive to destabilize Ethiopia by making war a business; make profits at the expense of many civilians’ lives. Not only this, the Asmara’s terrorist–in- chief also organizes new anti –public groups in stable countries with its own spit image, then uses them for waging terror activities. Shabiya works hard to stack its money sack by getting paid in commission from foreign forces, for its role in exporting terror and destruction.
The leaked secret cable (memo) also shows the Ato Isaias administration’s ‘war economy ‘philosophy is failing. As half of the Eritrean population (demography) is born after Eritrea’s independence, they are not interested in hearing Ato Isaias Afwerki’s “Liberation” stories, but about economic progress and opportunities. Today’s Eritrean youth is in the brink of total hopelessness due to unlimited duration of the military service and hand to-mouth livelihood.
Although one generation was lost to the liberation struggle which had a very bright future, the Ato Isaias adhered ‘war economy’ thinking is quickly fading the country’s hope of better days.
Many people may not be surprised by Ato Isaias Afwerki’s antics considering his personality, but it isn’t understandable what kind of economic system asks to take from its impoverished people and award the terrorists, may be except for him. What kind of cruelty is it, to give in to terrorism at the expense of its people food (well being)? It’s better to leave the answers to these questions to the Eritrean people, because the solution is in their hands.
Using Lies as a principle
At the Eritrean government day-to-day activity, it can be said that lies are used as means to achieve mischievous plots or strategies. Inside the workings of the Shabiya, lying is principally the ‘truth’, as long as it serves the regime’s confusing ideas. You may know the saying ‘no matter what the truth will always prevail’, but in the Asmara and Mitsewa palace it’s traded quite in the opposite way; ‘no matter what the truth should not prevail’.
When talking about the Eritrean government’s ‘lie no matter what’ principle, it’s helpful to mention Ato Isaias Afwerki’s recent interview he gave to the Qatar’s Al –Watan journalist Ahmed Ali in Asmara…. Here’s what happened…. About a year ago, this Qatari journalist; who wasn’t aware of Shabiya’s adhered ‘lie no matter what’ principle, asked the president “Mr. President, what’s the matter with you? Then why did the Qatar’s Prince Hamid Bin Jasmine mediated between you two last June? The prince has officially stated about the agreement”. He was asking about the situation in which the Shabiya’s military pulled out from the occupied Ras Doumera. As it to be expected the Asmara honcho with a straight face replied him by saying, “Do you hear me? There are no statements or briefings given on the issue…. when you’re told that there was no conflict, then there wasn’t any, can’t you understand?” Let it be noted here that the Asmara’s disciple of lie-no matter-what, lied about a situation which the international community is fully aware of, a situation where UN has been involved in. 
In order to help my readers grasp the gravity of his ‘lie no matter what’ principle goes, let me cruise you to some of the “funny” answers he gave on his interview with the Qatari journalist.
Question: Are you saying that the Eritrean government is not recently forced out of Djibouti’s territory?
Ato Isaias: There is no Djibouti territory occupied by our forces, also we were driven out of.
Question:   I’m talking about Djibouti’s Ras Doumeira?
Ato Isaias:  There is no disputed land between Eritrea and Djibouti, and never have. There is no land occupied or withdrawn from.
Question:   But the UN has issued statement on the disputed territory?
Ato Isaias: Are you sure about this? How is this possible? Does the UN issue statement on something that doesn’t exist or before investigating it? How is this possible?
I am sure Dear Readers, that you’re amazed by the amount of lies displayed in this interview alone. This is the Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki and his government at their typical selves.  They have never said anything truthful. Although he said those things (to the journalist) with a straight face; the reality (truth) is completely another matter. The truth is after the Qatari government mediated negotiation between Eritrea and Djibouti, Shabiya was forced to pull out its soldiers from Ras Doumeria and to pay hefty sums in damages to the Djibouti government after shabiya accepted its act of aggression.
Ato Isaias may have told the journalist, does the UN issue statement on something that doesn’t exist or before investigating it? Acting like he doesn’t know anything, but at the time the UN have concluded from its fact finding taskforce that shabiya had indeed invaded (occupied) Djibouti’s territory. After these facts were established (from the taskforce), regional institutions like IGAD, AU and the Arab League had all appealed to him; also advised him. However, he responded with his usual manner and said that his government doesn’t know anything of a border dispute between them and Djibouti.
Understanding the bravado and deceitful attitude of the shabiya, the UN’s Security Council enacting resolution number 1862, issued a statement that urge the Eritrea government to pull its forces from the occupied Djibouti’s territory.
After all it’s ignoring and playing dumb, the Asmara’s vandal had no choice but to accept the Qatari government’s settlement and leave the Ras Doumeira terrirtory with the same manner it arrived.
It’s inevitable that the readers of this article will ask ‘why do Ato. Isaias lie about something the world knows about?’ and it’s a legitimate question. Although the Qatari journalist had labeled Ato Isaias Afwerki’s lies as ‘a normal answer to be expected of a lunatic; the writer of this article will like to add other political analysts comments given regarding the dispute. At the time of the dispute, world media reported the issue under the heading ‘the Asmara administration is refusing to withdraw from its occupied Djibouti territory’; and to counter these reports the Shabiya replied back by saying there are no lands they have occupied or withdrew from’. This political stunt; orchestrated by Shabiya to cover up its embarrassing withdrawal from Ras Doumeria, had not protected it from sanctions being imposed by the international community.
Basically the Eritrean government is run by a bunch of cowboys who give full blown support to terrorist groups like ‘ONLF” and lies about it with a straight face to the international community. These vandals are not fooling anyone but themselves as the international community is now onto their exploits. I think the sooner shabiya understands that it isn’t fooling anyone, the better off they will be– though considering that deceit and lies are part of their innate nature, it will be hard for them to let it go. And I’m sure if the Qatari journalist were to ask the Asmara honcho “why Shabiya is hosting and catering ONLF’s assembly at the expense of its own impoverished people? He will reply by saying ‘Who said that? Where, when did we do that? Since lying is part of his scheme to cheat its way and stay in power longer.