Somaliland lifts ban on UN flights to Hargessa

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Addis Ababa, July 17, 2013 (WIC) - UN aircraft can now resume flights to Somaliland. This has been announced by the Somaliland Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport, Mahmud Abdi Hashi,  according to MoFA.

As of July 15 all UN flights are again able to land and take off in Somaliland airports.

The Minister said the ban had been lifted after considering the Aviation agreement reached by Somaliland and Somalia during the round of talks held in Turkey earlier this month.

The ban was imposed after the UNDP had handed over Somaliland's airspace control to the Somalia federal government in Mogadishu on May 14.

The agreement reached in Istanbul allows for a strategy to manage the two countries’ airspaces through a joint body to be established in Hargeisa. This body will also be responsible for equitable sharing of revenues.