Suicide bomber kills Puntland’s Bari Regional Police Commander

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Addis Ababa, 6 August 2014 (WIC) - A suicide bomber has killed Bari Regional Police Commissioner in Puntland’s Bosasso town in the Northeastern region of Somalia on Monday afternoon.

A man wearing suicide vest blew himself off as the Police Commissioner Abdurahman Ali Hussein (better known as Muslim) was coming out of his office around 4:30 pm local time on Monday afternoon.

“Unknown man who we believe was wearing a suicide vest approached the police commander as he was coming out of his office at the Police Command and was heading to his car,” a police officer who was a witness told RBC Radio.

“The man came across the police commissioner as there was no any attention and immediately blew himself up.” he added. The Police Commissioner was rushed to a local hospital and was later proclaimed dead, according to the police officer who spoke to RBC Radio.

At least four other people were killed in the attack including three police officers and the former secretary of Puntland’s former minister of Finance. The al Qaeda-linked militant group in Somalia has claimed the responsibility of suicide attack. (RBC)