No US intent to engage in Africa militarily: Susan Rice

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Addis Ababa, 02 August 2014 (WIC) - Susan Rice, President Barack Obama's National Security Adviser has said that Washington does not intend to engage in Africa militarily to resolve the continent's conflicts. It prefers to boost efforts to train peacekeepers.

Ms. Rice made the comments a few days in advance of the US-Africa Summit being held in Washington August 4-6.

Ms. Rice said: "Contrary to some claims, the United States is not looking to militarize .

Africa or maintain a permanent military presence, but we are committed to helping our partners confront transnational threats to our shared security."

Ms. Rice, who was speaking at the United States Institute of Peace, referred to the kidnappings and bombings by Boko Haram, the Nairobi Westgate Mall attack by Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s activities in Mali.

She said this was why the US was “stepping up our efforts to train peace keepers who are professional and effective forces who can secure the region and by extension the global community against terrorist threat."

Ms. Rice said since president Obama took office the US had contributed close to US$9 billion to United Nations peacekeeping operations in Africa, and it had trained almost a quarter of a million peacekeepers from 25 difference African countries since 2005.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she said “We are committed to making sure that African peacekeepers have the capacity to deploy quickly ... in order to save lives and help avoid costlier international interventions down the line.”