IGAD Special Envoy to Somalia welcomes the agreement for a Central State in Somalia

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Addis Ababa, 31 July 2014 (WIC) - In a statement issued on Thursday (July 31) the IGAD Special Envoy to Somalia, Ambassador Mohamed Affey welcomed the signing of the agreement to set up a Central State in Somalia.

He congratulated the Federal Government of Somalia for its leadership in the process and encouraged the parties to pursue an inclusive, peaceful formation of the regional state.

Ambassador Affey who was among the witnesses to the signing ceremony that took place on Wednesday at the Villa Somalia in Mogadishu, said IGAD supported the ongoing efforts of the Federal Government in ensuring the establishment of the pillars for the federal system.

He said IGAD also supports the position of the Federal Government regarding the formation of this new state in a manner that does not undermine existing federal states.

The IGAD Special Envoy added that the country was moving towards attaining the goals of federalism as enshrined in the vision of 2016 which aimed at building a strong, peaceful, prosperous, united and sovereign Somalia.