Museveni urges Kiir and Machar to respect Addis deal

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Addis Ababa, 10 July 2014 (WIC) - Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni who is fighting alongside with the government of President Salva Kiir has called on Kiir and his rival leader Dr Riek Machar to abide by an agreement they made in Addis Ababa in May to end the conflict in the country.

The May deal put in place a ceasefire and committed the two sides to participation in an ‘inclusive’ political process, but did not specify the terms of a more permanent settlement.

Speaking at the third anniversary event of South Sudan’s independence, Museveni said the Addis Ababa agreement was “very important.”

“The peace which you agreed to in Addis Ababa is very important and I am sure if all the parties respect what is in that peace agreement, South Sudan will reach total peace in the whole country and you will continue on your journey of construction and development,” Museveni said.

In his address today, the Ugandan leader said, “I came here to congratulate you on the 3rd anniversary of your independence; the people of South Sudan have suffered a long time and for no good reasons. We are very happy when you got your independent three years ago,” he said.

“Countries and societies are like human being, as you grow up you face a lot of challenge but if you learn from those challenge and seek solutions you will succeed, and I am sure the people of South Sudan have learned their experience,” Museveni concluded.

Meanwhile, the South Sudanese president in his address suggested that he wanted Ugandan troops to remain in the country, in spite of an agreement that they would withdraw.

“The forces of Uganda which came in December are still with us; their going was a condition by the rebels that unless the Ugandan forces withdraw they will not stop the war. My position is that South Sudan is a sovereign state and can reach agreement with any country on bilateral defense,” he said

“So the Ugandan should not have been seen as a negative forces and that as the reason for this people for not stopping fighting. These people (the rebels) do not want to stop fighting not because of Ugandan troops and so I will not order the Ugandan forces to leave South Sudan until peace when we are rescued and our installations have been protected,” said Kiir. (