20th anniversary of the liberation of Rwanda celebrated

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Addis Ababa, 8 July 2014 (WIC) - The 20th anniversary of the celebration of the liberation of Rwanda was commemorated colorfully July 4 2014 in Kigali, Rwanda.
The liberation day was an official closing of the three month national mourning of the Genocide that claimed the lives of more than 800,000 Tutsi’s and moderate Hutus in a killing that continued for over 100 days.
July 4 marked the defeat of the fall of the capital Kigali into the hands of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF).
The event was attended by Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Youweri Museveni, Uhuru Kenyata and Salva Kirr and Burundi first Vice President Prosper Mbazombaza vice president of Burundi and other high level dignitaries. 
President Paul Kagame in his address to the nation noted that July 4 is a day that closed a darkest chapter in history of Rwanda so that life could begin anew. 
He said “Rwandans stand together today as a people united, liberated and focused – as never before – on attaining the future we want.” Reflecting on the 20 years journey of the country”  he said ,”Too much was lost to commemorate that day as a triumph, and our liberation struggle is far from over. But we have come far enough, these past twenty years, to permit ourselves a moment of sober satisfaction, as we recommit to the journey ahead.”
President Kagame in his message underlined that it is imperative for Africans to take ownership of their wellbeing and to insist their voices be heard. President Kenyata for his part said “It is a somber honor to join you, as we commemorate the day when the country you love awoke from the darkest night of its long history. I bring you the fraternal best wishes of every Kenyan, and every East African.”
Solidarity message from EPRDF, SPLM and other fraternal parties were sent to the ruling RPF and the government of the republic of Rwanda.
Dr. Tedros also attended a ceremony of unveiling a monument of liberation at the Parliament of Rwanda.(MoFA)