Egyptians in Ethiopia wrap up casting votes

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Addis Ababa, 21 May 2014 (WIC) - Egyptians in Ethiopia wrapped up yesterday casting votes in the presidential elections where voting for all Egyptians abroad took place from May 15-19, 2014. 116 Egyptians living in Ethiopia cast their votes in the elections freely as the electoral process took place in a peaceful and smooth manner.

For his part, H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Edrees commended the growing public awareness of the Egyptian citizens to participate effectively and positively in shaping the future of their country, adding that this is one of the achievements of the 25th of January Revolution that should be maintained and developed.

According to a press release Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt  sent to WIC, Ambassador Edrees noted that the Egyptian Embassy supervised the electoral process impartially and professionally, stressing that the Embassy provides services for all Egyptians in Ethiopia regardless of their political affiliations.

It should be noted that the Embassy welcomed an observer from the Arab League Mission in Addis Ababa during the five days of casting votes in accordance with the regulations of the Higher Elections Committee in that respect.

The Egyptian Embassy would like to pay tribute to the Ethiopian concerned authorities for their commendable role in providing security to the premises of the Embassy during the electoral process.