AMISOM promises new advance to al Shabaab stronghold towns

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Addis Ababa, 10 April 2014 (WIC) - Speaking to the media, Ali Abdow, Djiboutian military commander in Hiran region in central Somalia announced that they planned to seize Jalalaqsi town in the region during this Month.
Ali Abdow said, “We will defeat al Shabaab in Jalalaqsi town during the flowing twenty days, so the inhabitants in the town to get freedom from the international terrorist group”.
He added, “Djiboutian troops, like other Africans stay in Somalia to help their brothers for the fighting against the extremists and also restoring peace and stability in horn of Africa after two decades of chaise”.
AMISOM peacekeeping forces in Hiran region especially Djiboutian contingent last month seized Buulobarde town which is one of the most important towns that al Shabaab lost recently though a suicide attack which many troops including peacekeeping personals left dead was targeted to their base in the town day after they confirmed the its rule. (AMISOM MON)