Somali interior minister points Eastleigh as hub for al Shabaab influx

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Addis Ababa, 8 April 2014 (WIC) - Somali interior minister tells Kenyan government that al Shabaab fighters are living in Eastleigh amid mass arrests on Somali community in Eastleigh as the security authorities associate Somalis with terror attacks.
Kenyan interior minister  Joseph Olen Lenku stated that he met with his counterpart From Somalia Mr.  Godah Bare yesterday where they have talked about the mass arrests of Kenyan government security authorities in Eastleigh Village, estate that Somali community predominantly reside.
Somali interior minister Abdullahi Godah Bare revealed to his Kenyan interior secretary cabinet counterpart Joseph Ole Lenku that probably al Shabaab members have taken refuge in Somali dominant village of Eastleigh.
Ole Lenku speaking in an interview with Nation Television Network (NTV) Kenya said Somali interior minister Abdullahi Godah Bare confirmed  influx of al Shabaab militants defeated in south and central Somalia by African Union troops fronted by Somali national army have taken cover in Somali dominated Eastleigh state and may have now being plotting terror attacks. (AMISOM MON.)