Five Federal Govt Soldiers Killed At Checkpoint in Middle Shabelle Region

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Addis Ababa, 6 April 2014 (WIC) -  Five Somali Federal Government soldiers died and nine others sustained bullet wounds after infighting at a checkpoint in El Ade vicinity in Middle Shabelle region of southern Somalia on Saturday, Garowe Online reports.
According to witnesses, the fighting broke out when soldiers in armored fighting vehicle ordered men in military fatigues to lift unauthorized roadblock.
Local reports say, a commander was among those who were pronounced dead, with security sources unveiling that 9 soldiers are being treated at Mogadishu's Madina hospital.
The Somali Federal Government forces commanders confirmed the infighting, noting that Somali government forces clashed with another group of soldiers. The soldiers at the roadblock are said to have forced the attackers out of the areas where the fighting occurred.
Middle Shabelle and Lower Shabelle regions have been a spot for deadly battles between rival groups within Somali National Army (SNA). In July last year, Somali Government troops belonging to Biyamal and Habar Gedir clans fought each other over regional influence near Lower Shabelle regional capital of Marka. (garowe online)