Egypt strongly condemns the explosions seen in Cairo

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Addis Ababa, 24 January 2014 (WIC) - The Presidency of the Arab Republic of Egypt strongly condemns the explosions seen in Cairo this morning, which left many dead and injured among the Egyptian people, a press release said.

The Presidency noted that such terrorist attacks would never break the will of Egyptians and would add to their determination to exterminate terrorism from all Egyptian lands, and to fully implement the future roadmap of the nation.

The Presidency confirms that the State shall defeat terrorism and exterminate its sources and will never show mercy in the face of terrorists and their supporters.

Moreover, Egypt’s State Information Service (SIS), the official State media body, has denounced all acts of terrorism that target Egypt and her human heritage. Ambassador Salah Abdel Sadeq, Chairman of SIS calls, in a press release, on everyone to denounce such acts that target human heritage in Egypt.

It should be noted that the car bomb attack that hit Cairo Police Headquarters early in the morning today has inflicted a huge damage unto the Islamic Museum that lies in front of the Headquarters. Ambassador Abdel Sadeq noted that terrorists target Islamic and Coptic heritage in the Islamic Museum and the Egyptian National Library and Archives. He also called on international media to highlight those terror attacks to the whole world as Egypt is facing, surely, a systematic wave of terrorism.
Initial reports from the Egyptian Ministry of Interior indicated that more than half a ton of explosives was used in the attack that targeted Cairo Police Headquarters that left 4 dead and 39 injured. (Source: Embassy of Egypt in Ethiopia)