Staff keen to back anti-corruption campaign

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Addis Ababa, May 23, 2013 (WIC) – The staff of Dire Dawa Land Administration Bureau expressed their determination to back government’s anti-corruption campaign.

Staff members told WIC that the recent action taken by the Federal Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission on corruption suspects of the Ethiopian Revenue and Custom’s Authority high officials and their allies is so commendable.

According to the staff members one of the corruption prone areas in Dire Dawa is land, adding that legal measures had taken upon previous officials who had misused their political position in Dire Dawa.

The staff members have also vowed to fight corruption in their area in collaboration with the administration government.

Tilahun Dersse and Mihret Abebeb, members of the staff, said fighting corruption is not a duty given to Anti-Corruption Commission rather to the people.