Dire Dawa to host 6th cities forum

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Addis Ababa, 4 September 2014 (WIC) - Urban Development, Housing and Construction Ministry said Monday "Ethiopian Cities Week” has created opportunities for experience sharing and learning from best practices of others to scale up best practices through experience sharing activities. The program has been organized last five years consecutively.

Urban Development, Housing and Construction Ministry and Dire Dawa City Administration jointly organized a press conference concerning the 6th Ethiopian Cities Forum which will be held in Dire Dawa City November 6-13, 2014 with the theme: Our cities shall realize Ethiopian Renaissance being a centre of enterprises.

State Minister Dessalegn Ambaw said it is possible to create developed and transformed modern cities through strengthening urban developmental activities on the bases of knowledge transfer and replicating best practices. Thus, the programs for the 6th Cities Forum will focus on knowledge transfer to enable cities bring about paradigm shift.

Dessalegn also indicated that cities need to promote their social, economic and investment opportunities besides using the opportunity to share experience among themselves, particularly in job creation and making their cities clean and ideal for living.

Awarding well performing cities, creating right perception through introducing urban development program, enhancing healthy competition among cities and promoting development success stories are parts of the event.
Dire Dawa City Construction and Municipal Service Head Ibrahim Yusuf for his part said that the place for the Forum is selected and necessary preparation has been

finalized. As 186 cities participated in the 5th Cities Week in Bahir Dar, more than 200 cities and at least 10 organizations are expected to take part in the 6th Forum in Dire Dawa.

The Forum is expected to create good opportunity for Dire Dawa to practically demonstrate its exemplary achievement in peaceful co-existence and love.

It was noted at the briefing that Ethiopian Cities Week renamed Ethiopian Cities Forum. (EH)